How a Boring, Benign Thing Made Me Happy

I’ve been depressed. Really depressed. To a degree, it doesn’t make sense: My first art show EVER is Friday, I have almost everything ready to go, and I should be thrilled. At the same time, I’ve been depressed about the show for every reason someone would be: “Will anyone come for my art?” “Will people like what they see?” “Is it just going to be people I know, and thus a failure at my goal of achieving a new audience?”

Then there’s a lot of other things… but I’ll save them for later.

I got home late last night. I was just going to Digital Ferret, drop off my work, print something, and go home. The entire thing wound up taking nearly 4 hours, when it should have only taken 2. Why? Because I kept screwing up. Oh, and Kinkos suck ass. A lot. Fuck Kinkos. Especially the one at Marriot Hotel. By the time I got home, it was 10 at night, I hadn’t eaten, and I just wanted to go to bed. I didn’t dream of anything, I woke up early, and decided to just get ready for work and the show. Then I realized I forgot to do the name tags and print out something else. So I got to my computer, made up the tags, and again, a quick thing took longer than I think it should.

I made the labels, printed them out, took them outside, and spray mounted them on foam board. No guides printed, just me using my brain. I cut up everything while listening to some Anthrax. Then, I started to smile. The tags are about 1″ high and vary in length in accordance with the names. They look… nice. Really nice. There was something nice and comforting about seeing something so perfect and uniform against my art. And something nice about the sort of draftsmanship there was in it, too.

It made me a little happier and sure about the show.