My Art Show: 90% There

Wow.. its been a really productive weekend!

On Friday I went to my old college and printed out just about all my artwork for my show. I couldn’t print out 4 of them since they are incredibly large, but the majority of is now ready to go. I mounted everything last night and today spent the day getting the show ready. I have a wall at my house large enough to mock up the dimensions of the wall of the show, and I spent the afternoon setting everything up.

So far… its really frustrating and annoying.

I’m really am just angry at myself: I had a backdrop planned for my show, but I only today did the cost analysis for it, and it was way too expensive. On the plus-side, there really wasn’t a good plan in place to get it to work, and the design on it wasn’t really important.

But on top of that, its the placement of the work. I took a fairly smart step: I made a mock-up wall in Photoshop with everything to size so I could just plop up everything without a problem. The problem that arose was, well, mock-ups aren’t real life. The size of the pieces did differ than what I had planned, and not everything on the computer seemed to make sense. I have black-and-white versions of the prints I ordered that are almost to size (off a few inches, shouldn’t be a problem) to help with placement. I guess the colors are throwing me off.

I’m looking at the wall on-and-off and getting frustrated with it all. I… I really wish I had more room, you know? I only get a wall… but its a HUGE wall. Its more than enough room, that’s for sure! I’m just annoyed that I’m having a problem composing it right now. Certain pieces don’t seem to work the way I thought they would and others seem like they need to be dropped, much to my dismay.

Part of my problem is that I like to have A LOT of work up. Its part vanity, and to me, part value. I like giving people a chance to see a lot of stuff they may like, but at the same time… well, it can get cluttered. The comps look fine, but the wall itself is something else. Nothing really seems to get its moment, and that’s a problem since my art does kinda demand a bit more inspection to really kinda get it.

Its irritating. I’ve got at least one more piece to print out that I forgot, and right now I’m playing around with the idea of re-printing a piece larger…. at a cost. I’m toying with the idea of dropping a piece or two for the benefit of the show.

This is frustrating…. and I don’t have a lot of time left.