The 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Publish Content For Free… Stupid

Non-Sequiter thanks to GoComics and Wiley, Inc.

I love Non-Sequiter, it’s one of my favorite comic strips of all time. This one… I won’t lie, it has me really confused.

“Thou Shalt Not Publish Content for Free… Stupid.”

I’m not 100% sure what he’s referring to. Is it to people on Deviant Art who give away, literally, their rights to brushes and patterns so people can download and own them for free? The large number of people creating comic strips for free online with hopes someone is going to donate to them or buy their stuff?

Or is he talking about people who commit copyright infringement? The Pirate Bay 4 were convicted on copyright infringement on Friday, and it was a little bit of a shock since they did make a decent claim as to the fact that they didn’t actually have the content, just basically told people where to get it.


OK, NOW I have an idea! Wouldn’t be shocked if this was a trend for today’s comic.

Thanks Pearls Before Swine!