Simple Rule Of Life: Never Rest On Your Laurels

I’ve held a moto close to my heart since 2002: Never Rest on your Laurels.

I started to live by this code because of something I read in a magazine that was put out by Wizard. I can’t say what, because it was only a one-issue deal. Wizard Edge, I think. Not sure. Anyway, the damn thing changed my life and had a ton of great interviews and stories and articles. Sad I forgot the name of it, right?

That aside, there was an interview with Jeff Smith, creator of Bone and currently working on RASL. He was about to wrap up Bone when he wrote about talking to, I think, Will Eisner or Neil Gaiman. Again, sad I forgot who, right? Within the article, he said he never put up his awards thanks to some advice he got. “You get an award, you put it up for a week. After that, you put it away and don’t take it out again.” Why? That way your not too hung up on your past accomplishments and you always keep trying harder.

God knows I’m a sucker for going back to old sketchbooks and hitting myself in the head for not coming up with great ideas like I had back then! I’m also a sucker for forgetting my own motto!

We never mean to rest on our laurels; we always strive to do more. But if you’ve just busted your hump for months on end and finally got to see the result and are happy with it… yeah, a little break isn’t bad. Don’t call it a day, though, get back up after a few days of R&R, right?

Well, these are just brain droppings in the hope of inspiring others.